Each of the base and ancillary services is inherited from the BaseService class and contains the following fields:

  • ID - ID of this service within this object (booking/order). Data type - int32.
  • SupplierID - ID of this service in the supplier's system. Data type - string.
  • IsOffline - attribute of offline service. Data type - bool.
  • Status - status of the service in the supplier's system. Data type - PNRStatus enumeration, possible values:
    • Booked;
    • Canceled;
    • Ticketed;
    • AwaitingTicketing - mainly appears in cases with charters, when the booking was sent to the queue for the ticketing.
    • Partial - part of the booking/order is in one condition, the rest is in the other (for example, partially booked reservation, or different services having different statuses)
    • Requested;
    • Rejected;
    • Problematic - problematic booking/order/service; if this status is available in the sub-statuses, the exact problem is indicated
  • SubStatus - contains information about sub-statuses.
    • SubStatus.Status - list of sub-statuses clarifying the current status of the service. Data type - enumeration, possible values:
      • InvalidSegmentStatus
      • SegmentStatusForManualConfirmation - appears in cases when for some reason it was not possible to automatically confirm segments (meaning TK/KK statuses)
      • HaveNotStoredTickets — active ticket issued is not in the PNR
      • NotActualTicketStatus — one of the tickets in the PNR has the irrelevant status - basically it is specific for glitches of the test environment of different GDS and Galileo after voiding
      • NoValidFare — PNR in the GDS has no active and valid price (GDS Galileo's specifics)
      • UnremovedVoidedTicketElements — specific for Amadeus
      • PaidBook — PNR is paid through the Sirena payment gateway but has not yet been ticketed
      • FailedToActualizePrice - failed to get the current price for the booking
      • TicketingFailed — error executing Ticket request for Travelfusion air content provider;
      • UnconfirmedInfant — unconfirmed infant, manual processing is required
      • DuplicateBooking — there is booking duplicate in the supplier's system. Relevant only for Travelfusion air content provider;
      • UnconfirmedBooking — failed to get confirmed booking status. Relevant only for Travelfusion air content provider;
      • UnconfirmedLoyaltyCard - unconfirmed loyalty card.
      • NeedRefundRSVR — it is required to refund RSVR EMD;
      • FailedRefundRSVR — error refunding RSVR EMD;
      • FailedExchange — error while exchanging tickets;
      • AncillariesWithoutPrice — there are ancillary services in the booking for which there are no prices;
      • NoAirlineLocator - there is no locator from the airline
      • ExchangedTicketWithoutNew — ticket exchange was executed, but the information on the new ticket wasn't received;
      • SupplierDoNotKnowEdState — Z ticket status returned from the supplier, currently only relevant for the Travelport airline content provider.
      • SupplierDidNotFoundOrder - "Order not found" error was returned from the supplier. It is related to the temporary problems on the supplier’s side, currently only relevant for the S7NDC airline content provider.

If there is the NoAirlineLocator status, ticketing is impossible. To perform ticketing successfully, you need to repeat UpdateBook request several times until this status dissapears. NoAirlineLocator status appears because the airline sends the locator some time after a booking is created.

  • TravelerRef - reference to the travelers to whom the service relates. If the service is applied to all travelers, then the element is not specified. Data type - RefList array.
  • TravelerRef.Ref - reference to the particular traveler within the booking/order. Data type - int32.

Flight service

The description of the flight

Format Description

  • Type - flight type. Data type - enumeration, possible values:
    • Regular
    • Charter
    • LowCost
  • DirectionType - type of the flight direction. Data type - enumeration (similar to DirectionType in Flight), possible values:
    • OW - one direction
    • RT - round trip
    • CT - complex trip
    • SingleOJ - single open jaw
    • DoubleOJ - double open jaw
    • hRT - RT/2
    • mOW - flight is a possible leg of a multi-OW flight
  • Segments - flight segments. Data type - array of FlightSegment elements.
  • FlightSegment - flight segment. Data type - array.
  • FlightSegment.ID - ID of the segment within this flight. Data type - int32.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureAirport - information about the departure airport. Data type - TripPointInformation.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureAirport.Code - airport code. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureAirport.SubPointCode - terminal code. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureAirport.CityCode - city code, if airports have an aggregation. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureAirport.UTC - time zone. Data type - fractional number.
  • FlightSegment.ArrivalAirport - arrival airport information. Data type - TripPointInformation. The format is the same as FlightSegment.DepatureAirport.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints - stop points on this segment. Data type - array of StopPoint elements.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint - stop point on this segment. Data type - array, the successor of TripPointInformation.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.Code - airport code. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.CityCode - city code, if airports have an aggregation. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.UTC - time zone. Data type - fractional number.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.ArrDateTime - date and time of the arrival to the stop point. Data type - yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ss.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.DepDateTime - date and time of the departure from the stop point. Data type - yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ss.
  • FlightSegment.StopPoints.StopPoint.PassengerLanding - A sign of disembarking passengers from an airplane. Data type - bool.
  • FlightSegment.DepatureDateTime - date and time of segment departure, local for the departure airport. Data type - yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ss.
  • FlightSegment.ArrivalDateTime - date and time of segment arrival, local for the arrival airport. Data type - yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ss.
  • FlightSegment.FlightTime - total travel time on this segment. Data type - int32.
  • FlightSegment.FlightNumber - flight number. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.AircraftType - aircraft type code. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.OperatingAirline - code of the airline whose airplane is carrying the passengers. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.MarketingAirline - code of the airline that performs the sale of seats on this flight. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.Charterer - charterer of seats being sold. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.ETicket - flight segments. Data type - bool.
  • FlightSegment.BookingClassCode - booking class's letters for this segment. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.Status - segment status. Data type - enumeration, possible values:
    • Confirmed
    • NeedConfirmation
    • NotConfirmed
    • Canceled
    • Flew
    • OnRequest
    • Rejected
  • FlightSegment.StatusCode - industrial segment status code. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.SupplierRef - segment booking ID in the airline's inventory system. Data type - string.
  • FlightSegment.RequestedSegment - segment reference from the user's request. Data type - int32.
  • FlightSegment.FlightDistance - numerical value of flight distance in miles (relevant fo GDS Amadeus). Data type - int32.
  • FlightSegment.CO2Emission - CO2 exhaust in kg/m (relevant for GDS Amadeus). Data type - int32.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <UpdateBook_2_0Response xmlns="">
      <UpdateBook_2_0Result xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
            <a:Service i:type="a:FlightService">