Midoffice API Toolkit

Immediately after booking the order, a request for payment registration is sent (payment.register), in the response, the names of the formed order documents are sent. After receiving the list of documents, the order page displays links for viewing received documents (import.document). Upon a checkout attempt, a request to block funds on the bank account (payment.begin) is sent according to the last relevant transaction. If the request to block funds on the subagent's bank account is successful, Nemo.travel launches the order, upon completion of which a request to debit money from a bank account is sent (payment.complete), if it is required according to the response to block request (payment.begin).

If a subagent transfers funds by a generated bill, then on the order page it is necessary to mark the bill as "sent for payment". This mark allows you to determine the amount of money actually paid within the order. If the cost of an order, the bill for payment of which has already been paid, is increased, then a new bill (payment.register) is issued for an amount equal to the difference between the total order value and the amount of the order already sent for payment.

There is a page in Nemo.travel personal office that displays a table containing a list of documents by a certain time point (import.documentsList). Each bill displays a link to view, download, and an attribute showing that the bill was sent by the subagency for payment with the possibility of modification. In addition to the table with data on documents, information on additional payment information (paymentExtraInfo) is displayed with the possibility of forming a bill for an amount equal to the fine.

When receiving a request for this API, before processing, the "sign" parameter must be checked for the correctness of the value for the sender's authentication. The algorithm for evaluating the "sign" value is determined by integration.