Return Tickets Booking

Supported only for UFS and UZD providers. If the request does not provide a list with information on which tickets require round-trip, they will be booked for all direct tickets. If return tickets are not booked for everyone, then in the future you are able to book additional return tickets.


The structure is the same as the ReturnTrain parameter from booking request, but with the transfer of an existing reservation ID and information on the services.

  • BookDataList - Data type - array of BookReturnData elements.
  • BookDataList.BookReturnData - Information on which ticket the round-trip is booked to and which services it will provide. Data type - custom.
  • BookDataList.BookReturnData.ToBlankID - Ticket blank ID in the linear direction to which the opposite direction ticket will be linked. Data type - string.
  • BookDataList.BookReturnData.NeedServices - Desired additional services for the return direction. Data type - enumeration. Possible values are similar to the Car.Services parameter from the response to the following request: search (may be several items divided by a space) (may be empty)
  • ForwardBookID - ID for straight direction reservation. Data type - 32-bit integer.
Sample Request (XML)
            <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
                    <NeedServices>Ш Ч</NeedServices>


The response structure is the same as the response to request for booking seats in a train.