Fare Families

Link to the repository: https://github.com/NemoTravel/nemo.travel.fares

The fareFamilies directory contains information about airline fare families with descriptions of fare options. The data is grouped into files by airlines, the IATA code is used as the file name. The extension of the files is .json, the format of the data is JSON, the encoding is UTF-8

Structure of the Fare Rules File

The file contains an array of objects, each rule object describes one fare family.

Family description:

Field Type Description
owner String Two-character IATA airline code
baseClass String Flight service class to which the set of fare rules applies. The allowed values are economy,premiumEconomy, business,first
tariffCodePattern String Regular pattern describing the fare code
priority Number Order of display recommended by the airline
saleTimeSince String Acceptable sale time "Since" (ISO 8601 format)
saleTimeUntil String Acceptable sale time "Until" (ISO 8601 format)
flightTimeSince String Acceptable flight time "Since" (ISO 8601 format)
flightTimeUntil String Acceptable flight time "Until" (ISO 8601 format)
parameters Object[] Fare options characterizing the family

Description of the tariff option:

Field Type Description
code String Type (see the description below)
shortDescription Object Short Description
     ru String Description in Russian
     en String Description in English
fullDescription Object Extended description of the parameter. Can be used, for example, with tooltips
     ru String Description in Russian
     en String Description in English
needToPay String | Null Parameter responsible for the payment or the acceptability of the service (see the description below)

Table of possible values of code with descriptions:

Name Description
description Name and the fare family description
meal Available meals on board
baggage Baggage information
carryOn Hand baggage
refundable Refund rules
exchangeable Exchange rules
seatsRegistration Information about seats in the plane
vipService VIP service

Possible field values for the needToPay field:

  • null: parameter is not applicable to this fare option
  • notAvailable: service unavailable
  • free: service is available and free
  • charge: service is available for an additional charge