Refund tickets and EMDs, if they are present in the booking.


The latest version of the request, differences are only in the response to the request in the additional services block from the Book_2_2 request.


Format Description
  • BookID - ID of the booking with passengers. Data type - 64-bit integer.
  • Passengers - passenger numbers in the booking, for which it is needed to receive the refund information. Data type - array.
  • Passengers.Ref - passenger number in the booking. Data type - 32-bit integer.
  • Involuntary - attribute of the involuntary refund (optional). Data type - bool.
  • SegmentsToRefund - segments for the refund. Data type - array.
  • SegmentsToRefund.Ref - segment for the refund. Data type - 32-bit integer.


Format Description
  • TicketsRefundData - information on ticket refunds. Data type - array of RefundData elements.
  • EMDsRefundData - Information on EMD refunds. Data type - array of RefundData elements.
  • ActiveBook - booking after the ticket refund, is returned in case of partial refunding.
  • SplitedBook - booking with the refundable tickets, is returned in case of refunding only for a part of passengers.
  • SplitedPNRLocator - number of the PNR with the refunded tickets in the GDS, is returned in case of partial refunding. Data type - string.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes - container with tax information. Not all the providers give the detailed data. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax - container with information on a particular tax. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.Amount - tax amount. Data type - fractional number.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.Currency - currency code. Data type - string.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.TaxCode - tax code. Data type - string.