Getting the data on ticket and EMD refund if they are present in the booking.


Format Description
  • BookID - ID of the booking with passengers. Data type - 64-bit integer.
  • Passengers - numbers of passengers in the booking, for which it is needed to receive the refund information. Data type - array.
  • Passengers.Ref - passenger number in the booking. Data type - 32-bit integer.
  • Involuntary - attribute of the involuntary refund (Optional) Data type - bool.
  • SegmentsToRefund - segments for the refund. Data type - array.
  • SegmentsToRefund.Ref - segment for the refund. Data type - 32-bit integer.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="">


  • Refunds - ticket refund information. Data type - array.
  • RefundedTicket - information on the refund of one particular ticket. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.Number - ticket number. Data type - string.
  • RefundedTicket.PassengerRef - number of the passenger who wns the ticket. Data type - 32-bit integer.
  • RefundedTicket.Refundable - ticket refundability attribute. Data type - bool.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundMoney - amount to be refunded. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundMoney.Currency - currency code of the amount to be refunded. Data type - string.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundMoney.Amount - amount to be refunded. Data type - fractional number.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes - container with tax information. However, not all the suppliers return detailed information. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax - container with a particular tax information. Data type - custom.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.Amount - tax amount. Data type - fractional number.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.Currency - currency code. Data type - string.
  • RefundedTicket.RefundTaxes.Tax.TaxCode - tax code. Data type - string.
Format Description
  • TicketsRefundData - calculation of the ticket refund. Data type - array of RefundData elements.
  • EMDsRefundData - calculation of the EMD refund. Data type - array of RefundData elements.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <GetRefundData_1_1Response xmlns="">
      <GetRefundData_1_1Result xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
          <TicketsRefundData xmlns="">
              <a:EDNumber i:nil="true"/>
              <a:RefundBreakdown xmlns:b="">