• ResponseParameters - container with additional information for the response (optional). Data type - custom.
  • ResponseParameters.SendStaticData - attribute of the necessity to send static (optional) to the response. Data type - boolean.
  • BookID - ID of the completed reservation. Data type - 32-bit integer.
  • CardInfo - container with bank card data (optional). Data type - custom.
  • CardInfo.Number - card number. Data type - string.
  • CardInfo.Holder - cardholder. Data type - string.
  • CardInfo.Code - CVC / CVV code. Data type - string.
  • CardInfo.Month - month to which the card is valid. Data type - string.
  • CardInfo.Year - year to which the card is valid. Data type - string.
  • PaymentProxy - container with information for proxying the hotel confirmation request (optional, supported only for Travelport and Ostrovok). Data type - custom.
  • PaymentProxy.PaymentSystem - name of the system to which the request will be proxied. Data type - enumeration. Possible values: FCm
  • PaymentProxy.TransactionID - payment transaction ID, transmitted to the payment system. Data type - 32-bit integer.
  • PaymentProxy.ProxyURL - URL address of the external system to which the request will be sent. Data type - string.
  • AdditionalActions - container with additional actions that must be performed with the reservation (optional). Data type - custom.
  • AdditionalActions.HostCommandsToExecute - set of terminal commands (optional, supported only for Travelport). Data type - array of strings.
  • AdditionalActions.HostCommandsToExecute.Command - terminal commands to be performed. Data type - string.
  • RetPath3ds - URL to which the user will be redirected after confirming payment via 3-D Secure (required for passing 3-D Secure, only Ostrovok is supported). Data type - string.
  • EndUserData - container with system end user data (optional, but required for the supplier Ostrovok). Data type - custom.
  • EndUserData.EndUserIP — IP address of the end user. Data type - string.
  • EndUserData.EndUserBrowserAgent — ID of the end-user client software. Data type - string.
  • EndUserData.RequestOrigin — source of the transition. Data type - string.
Sample Request (XML)
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:tem="" xmlns:stl="" xmlns:hot="" xmlns:hot1="" xmlns:pay="">
               <stl:AuthToken>auth token</stl:AuthToken>
               <stl:NemoOneAuthToken>nemo one auth token</stl:NemoOneAuthToken>
                     <hot:Command>COMMAND TEXT</hot:Command>


Same format as the response format Book.

Sample Response (XML)
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
      <ConfirmBookResponse xmlns="">
         <ConfirmBookResult xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
                  <a:Message>Подтверждение не отправлено в поставщику, т.к. тестовый режим</a:Message>
            <a:ResponseBody xmlns:b="">
                     <b:Type>Double Standard</b:Type>
                     <b:BookingRemarks i:nil="true"/>