List of Methods

  • BookFlight - main booking method.
  • ModifyBook_2_0 - order modification allows adding passenger data that were not included in the booking (for example, information about passenger documents).
  • UpdateBook_2_0 - synchronization allows getting the current booking status from the supplier (GDS, Global Distribution System).
  • CancelBook - cancellation of the booked order and the booking.

List of document types supported in the booking process

XML value Definition DOCS SSR value Sirena value
AutosetByNumber Autodetection of type by document number P Depends on the document number and country of issue. If the type cannot be determined by number, an error displays prompting to enter the document type or correct the document number.
P Passport, SSR DOCS standard P PS
A Alien resident card, SSR DOCS standard A NP
C Permanent resident card, SSR DOCS standard C PS
F Facilitation document, SSR DOCS standard F SR
M Military, SSR DOCS standard M SR
N Naturalization certificate, SSR DOCS standard N VV
T Refugee travel document and re-entry permit, US Travel document, SSR DOCS standard N VV
V Border crossing card, SSR DOCS standard V PS
I National ID, SSR DOCS standard I NP
Passport Passport P PS
ResidencePermit Residence permit T VV
MilitaryIDCard Military card M VB
DocOfPassportLusing The temporary identity card, if the passport is lost or reissued F SPU
DiplomaticPassport Diplomatic passport P DP
InternationalPassportNotRU The International passport of a citizen of any country, except RF A ZA
InternationalPassportTJ The International passport of a Tajikistan citizen A ZB
InternationalPassportRU The International passport of a Russian citizen A PSP
InternationalPassport The International passport A ZC
NationalPassport The National Passport С NP
SeamanDocument Seaman passport, seaman identity document P PM
SeniorDocument The pensioner document F PU
ReturnIntoSNGCountry The document of return into CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries F CVV
BerthRegDocument The Birth certificate F SR
ServicePassport The Service passport P SP
ReleaseCertificate The Release Certificate for freed persons F SPO
CertificateOfConvictedVacation A certificate issued to a convicted person on leave F VUL
LocalParliamentDeputy The Local Parliament Deputy document F DM
FederalParliamentDeputy The Federal Parliament Deputy document (The State Duma or Federation Council) F GD
ConstitutionalCourtJudgeDocument The Constitutional Court Judge Document F KS
MilitaryOfficerDocument The millitary officer document M UL